VISIT the World of Mana Gea.


  Mana Gea means "Mother Earth" in ancient Greek. 

  Since generations, we promote an alternative way of living, based on pure organic farming.

  Today, our exceptional olive oils are still made by artisans, hand crafted with love and respect

  of tradition.


  Combining tradition, modernity and dynamism, Mana Gea is

  re-defining the olive oil experience by delivering the unexpected with an

  eloquence of oil not to be matched. Our Limited Editions of rare oils will

  impress all and capture your attention. We pride ourselves on these rare

  selections and encourage all to try! 


  Mana Gea will be showcased at:

-  Winter Fancy Food Show. San Francisco January 

- Expo West / Natural products.  Anaheim CA March  

- Summer Fancy Food Show . New York  June 

- Expo East / Natural products  Baltimore  September  


  We welcome you to stop by and sample our unique 

  Organic Extra Virgin olives oils, and introduce you to our new 

  bold and intense Early Harvest/Unfiltered.


  Please feel free to contact us to schedule a time and day to

  discuss how our line of olive oils can meet your needs.  

  I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you there!