Olives, like many other kinds of produce such as potatoes and sour cherries, just aren’t something that you eat raw. Unprocessed, straight off the tree, they are bitter, very bitter, and the green ones even more so than ones which have fully ripened .To be made edible, Raw Olives are processed by one of several curing methods, which draw out the bitter Oleuropein. 

Cultivated with love and care, Mana Gea olives   are handpicked and are being prepared with the authentic, traditional Greek way. They are naturally cured in brine (salt water) between 6-9 months, resulting in the fermentation process that activates the lactobacillus cultures. It is a slow manual process, that requires constant monitoring, without using chemical nor mechanical means to artificially speed it up.

Mana Gea olives are not pasteurized, retaining most of their natural and nutritional benefits.


Most commercial table olives are pasteurised before making it to the market. This means that they are subjected to high temperatures in order to kill bacteria and increase shelf life. This is a process that destroys all the beneficial nutrients. Mana Gea olives are not pasteurized, retaining most of their natural and nutritional benefits, not processed or heated. They are raw superfoods!

These fresh, unpasteurized olives are slightly saltier than olives in tins. They have a bright, natural color of the fresh fruit, with a firm, crunchy bite, and bold fresh olive 

Vacuum packed

The olives are vacuum packed in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil These pouches are sealed of air to better preserve the freshness , the taste and colour of the olives 

No Artificial Flavors, No Additives and  No Pesticides

We pride ourselves in the superior quality of our gourmet products and guarantee only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients are used. 


Purely from organically grown olives trees.
​It's the olives from groves where strict rules are applied to organic farming. There is no place for fertilizers or sprays, nor any kind of treatment used .

Anthinoelia green and  Kalamon black.

 Athinoelia green olives harvested from our orchards, yield a small percentage of oil, giving it a very smooth flavor and long lasting taste . These olives are very smooth and very low in acidity . 

Kalamon black olives,  , are green olives that have been cured in an alkaline solution, and then treated with oxygen and an iron compound (ferrous gluconate) that turns their skins a shiny patent-leather black.


  • Green olives, water, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon
  • Kalamon olives, extra virgin olive oil, baptised in vinegar