Choose this oil with a bolder taste to accompany foods when you want to feel the presence of the oil's distinctive flavors.

Organic extra virgin

Mana Gea Organic Extra Virgin olive oils are created purely from organically grown olives.
​It's the oil from groves where strict rules are applied to organic farming. There is no place for fertilizers or sprays, nor any kind of treatment used in the pressing of the olives, the preservation and bottling of our olive oil..

Our Mana Gea Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Organic Farming, is produced from the "Koroneiki" variety, giving a characteristically mild unique taste and aroma, with very low acidity .

Koroneiki olives are of a small size and produce very fruity olive oil. 
Olives are picked just as they begin to change color, the point when the anti-oxidant levels are at their peak. The fruit is then cold-pressed within 24 hours to obtain oil of the highest possible quality.
It takes over ten pounds of these olives to make one liter of oil!

Fruity and well-balanced 
​A nose of green olive and hints of green grass are as enticing as the brilliant green color of this medium weight oil.   It opens smoothly with plenty of green and ripe fruit before revealing hints of nuttiness and green apple and then moving to a sharp finish with a modest amount of pepper.

It is a great oil for vegetables, pasta and substantial salads. Loaded with flavor, it is often used in recipes for fish,chicken or lamb. Perfect for dipping bread and as dressing for salads. 


  •  By European law, the term “Extra Virgin” is very protected and can only refers to olive oil that meets specific criteria for production, content and taste.   That is why we indicate on the back label all of the certified lab tested values.1. The olive oil must be obtained solely from the fruit of the olive tree. No mixing allowed!2. The oil must be obtained solely by mechanical or physical means. The oil cannot be obtained using any type of chemical treatment3. The olive is crushed only once and the temperature range cannot exceed 80 degrees F (27 degrees C). This is the meaning of the term   “first cold pressed.”At Mana Gea we do things a bit better than the standard regulations.Our Extra Virgin olive oil is processed at Max 21 degrees C. This way we maintain as much as possible the qualitative characteristics of the oil, even if, as a result, less quantities are extracted.4. Olive oil producers must verify the quality of their products by chemical and sensory testing.  These tests ensure the olive oil produced meets the standards set by the International Olive Council.Acidity level (oleic free fatty acid) must be 0.8% or less. Fatty acids in their free form may be detrimental to cells, and  as such we strive towards the lowest possible values.Peroxide Value must be 20 meq O2/Kg or less. This indicates the acidic condition of the olive oil (rancidity/rankness). The lower the findings, the lower the percentage of acidulous substances harmful to cells.



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​Mana Gea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  are Certified by Bio Hellas.  Aiming to the protection of consumer, and the improvement of food and rural products quality, the Institute specializes in inspection and certification of Organic Products.  

​Mana Gea Organic Extra Virgin
​Olive Oils are also USDA Organic Certified. 

All plants have natural enemies, and olive trees are no different. Olives are susceptible to a pest known as the olive fly, which lives inside the olive and makes a feast of the fruit. Fungus is another adversary of olives,although olive flies are a bigger threat. Most growers will use pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides to protect their crops when necessary. If you'd like to avoid these chemicals, buy organic olive oil. In the United States there are strict guidelines governing the use of the term "organic" on labels. Our label says "USDA Certified Organic," meaning that Mana Gea has proven to the U.S. Department of Agriculture that the oil is made with olives that were grown without chemicals,among other requirements.