Choose this oil with a extremely smooth taste to accompany foods when you want the health benefits of the oil without feeling its presence.




Color: Shades of bright green to bright greenish yellow.The bright green comes from the chlorophyll contained in unripe olives, which is also rich in natural antioxidants. Over time, the bright green becomes a bright greenish yellow.
Aroma: Fresh olives, rich, fruity, spicy and enduring. These characteristics are stronger the fresher the product is when consumed. Taste: Thin and pleasant fruity taste with a distinctive, smooth aftertaste. These “smoother “characteristics are softer than in our traditional Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive oils.
Serving suggestions: This oil is a perfect topping for just about any food, especially salads, steaks, potatoes, vegetables, bread dipping, Mediterranean dishes, pasta...Choose this very smooth oil to accompany foods with strong or distinctive flavors, such as pepper steak; bruschetta or fett’unta (toasted bread with oil and salt, often rubbed with garlic; fresh, flavorful vegetables like arugula.


organic 300 year old 


USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, harvested from 300-year-old groves.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced entirely from Athinoelia green olives harvested from our orchards in late November. Athinoelia olives harvested from old trees yield a small percentage of oil, giving it a very smooth flavor and long lasting taste .

Fruity, well-rounded, and very smooth
​Green olives from old trees produce an oil that is very smooth and very low in acidity . 

Our 300-year-old wild olive trees are fantastic !

After years of close pruning to optimize production, these trees resemble an enormous bonsai with a very large trunk. They are grand in terms of size and also character:  The resulting pure gourmet olive oil, is intensely green   with a fruity, well-rounded and very smooth taste, reminiscent of fresh olives.

Limited Edition: The limited number of trees prevents the production of large quantities of our Mana Gea 300 year Old and no additional production can be made during the course of the year. 
​Mana Gea 300 Year old is a limited availability product that consumers can find in selected food stores