Unlike wines, which improve with age, extra virgin olive oil is perishable like all natural fruit juices. Flavor and aroma begin to deteriorate within a few months of milling, a decline that accelerate when the oil is bottled, and really speeds up when the bottle is opened.  

The Fresher the Better.

This is why you will find an Harvest date

 and a Best By date on each of our bottles.

You know that you are buying this year's  harvest ! 

Also our bottles are made of dark glass to better protect the oil from light.and keep the taste vibrant and lively!


Welcome to Pure Organic Farming!

Welcome to the World of natural pure products, the World of Mana Gea, where exceptional olive oils are made by artisans, working the
" old fashion way". Mana Gea  means " Mother Earth" in ancient Greek, and in our  modern days we promote an alternative way
​of living, based on pure organic products, away from suspicious and dangerous additives.

Behind every bottle of  Mana Gea there is a story, a tradition and behind it all, a culture of quality that began thousands of years ago.
Our farmers are very protective of their tradition and pass their secrets and blending recipes from one generation to another.     When comes the proper time to harvest,olives are handpicked, and processed within 24 hours to keep all their flavors and health benefits, then immediately cold pressed. And we use absolutely no chemicals at any stage of the process. 

At Mana Gea we intend to re define your olive oil experience by delivering new enlightening and surprising encounters , with Limited editions of rare olive oils, such as our Early Harvest / Unfiltered and our 300 years old Organic.