Mana gea greek herbs

Mana Gea selection of herbs, comes from certified organic farms, in the Mount of Parnonas, Peloponnese, Greece. One of the best regions in the world for the growth and maintenance of this unique herb.

Handpicked from certified farms where strict rules are applied to organic farming. There is no place for fertilizers or sprays, nor any kind of treatment used .

Oregano Herbs

The word oregano comes from the Greek words «όρος» which means mountain and «γάνος» that means glory, brightness, i.e. the plant that brightens the mountain.

Greek oregano is the most flavored variety in the world with an aromatic warm, bitter and pungent taste. Mana Gea’s oregano excellent quality can be strong enough to almost numb the tongue! This is due to its high content of carvacrol and thymol, two natural monoterpenoid phenols. Οregano is said to have noticeable antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties, that is further increased when combined with Mana Gea Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

 Oregano herbs can be used in dishes that contain poultry, bread, potatoes, feta cheese, salads, tomato based sauces, pies and we can also use it to marinate meats and fishes.

It is highly recommended to add oregano at the end of cooking while we are grinding it a bit with our hand in order to release its aroma.


Savory Herbs 

 The greek word for Savory is Θρούμπι (Thrοumbi) and comes from the ancient Greek city of Thymbra (near ancient Troy).

The etymology of the Latin word Satureja, is believed to originate from the Satyrs (the males of nature), that were often found in meadows of savory (which gave them passion) and that is the reason Romans believed it had aphrodisiac properties.

Savory has been used as a spice for 2000 years mainly in culinary but also as a herbal tea. 

It has a soft, pungent, flavor that brings to mind oregano and thyme.

Ideal for pork and poultry marinades. . It is used to season meat, fish, vegetables, salads, tomato based sauces, legumes and eggs. Can be combined with olives, raisins and vinegar
It is highly recommended to combine savory with oregano or thyme at the end of cooking, while we are grinding it a bit with our hand in order to release its aroma.