The olive tree is sacred. 
We cultivate and treat it with respect, honor and passion.
Our trees are old and not have any GMO concerns Our olive trees were planted hundreds of years ago and the estates are in an area of Greece where olive oil has been produced for thousands of years with the same way and the same taste.

Olive oils, like wines, exhibit characteristics that reflect their terroir. Each olive variety has different flavors which are influenced by soil, climate and time of harvest.

Our olives comes from the land of Monemvasia, Lakonia, Greece and make one of the best olive oils you can find.  History says that Goddess Athina gave olives from our land  to the Ancient Atheniens as a gift. Thus the name Athinoelia!

The Monemvasia region is renowned as one of the best areas in the world for high quality olive oil production. It benefits from higher elevation, which contributes to periods of  lower winter temperatures and a moderate rainy season. For generations, the farmers in the region of Monemvasia have tended their olive groves with care and patience. 


Our company has been born out of our love for the sacred fruit that is the olive. 
We suggest a way of life close to the innocence and purity of nature. At a time when dietary values are constantly changing, we stand by olive oil for the quality and reputation of what has been a renowned local product since ancient times.
We remain loyal to the passions and knowledge of our forefathers.Just as in the days of the ancients, olive oil is today enjoyed for its quality, taste and nutritional properties.
We believe that today’s modern lifestyles look to tradition to reclaim the scents, images and unmatched values of nature.
​For us, nature is the source of our inspiration.We grew up, we learned, we lived and played together with our olive trees, that is why we feel responsible and lucky.

about us

Family owned and operated

Brothers Jeff and Jason, and sister Julia, started We as a way to earn money over the summer after they graduated college. Now, it's a successful and popular micro-brewery.